Help India Breathe Again

A corporate pledge to support India in its moment of need

What is the #ToIndiaWithLove Pledge?

#ToIndiaWithLove aims to rally the business community to support India in its moment of need. This pledge for business outlines a specific set of actions to support India and employees of Indian origin during this humanitarian crisis. 

The Pledge is being organized by the International Association of Human Values (IAHV). Our goal is to fundraise $1M by May 14th 2021 to support COVID relief in India. Organizations interested in more information can email:

The Need

As news media outlets report heart-wrenching stories about the exponential COVID infection and death rates in India, our hearts cry out. We live in an interconnected world. None of us can be free of COVID-19 until all countries have overcome the pandemic. Just as the disease knows no borders, our care for each other doesn’t either. Take the Corporate Pledge: To India, With Love.

The Corporate Pledge

Suggested contribution:

Donate through Network for Good

Commit to getting another
peer organization to join the pledge.

Provide mental health support for employees of Indian origin.


Share your support using the hashtag #ToIndiaWithLove
<Company Name> is supporting India in its moment of need and is pledging to the #ToIndiaWithLove campaign. Join us in supporting India. Click to Tweet

Why Partner with IAHV

100% of your contributions (minus payment processing fee) will be spent on COVID relief work in India. Since IAHV is driven by volunteers, an incredibly high % of funds raised go to the projects

IAHV is setting up COVID care centers in different cities across India, engaging doctors to volunteer services via a 24-hour hotline & supporting highly vulnerable populations across India.

So far IAHV has shipped: 1,600 oxygen concentrators, 50 ventilators, 400+ cylinders, 2 million N95 masks and supplies. Another 1000 oxygen concentrators have been ordered.

Click image for report

What is IAHV and Its Partner Organization’s Track Record in India?

In India, IAHV and Art of Living have deep networks built over decades within India, who are capable of distributing goods to hospitals and providing services in communities. Because our work is driven by volunteers who are committed to service, an incredibly high percentage of funds raised go directly to the projects. IAHV has helped transform over 30,000 villages in India, with thousands of volunteers education, tribal welfare, vocational training, microfinance, leadership training, and SME development – and our commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of Indians exists before and beyond this crisis moment.

Find out more about IAHV and Art of Living’s global response to COVID-19. 

Our Partners

Now is the time, perhaps more than ever, to turn our concern and care for India into timely support and resources.

Campaign Updates

इंडियन असोसेशन ऑफ ह्यूमन वॅलुस व आर्ट ऑफ लिव्हिंग धुळे यांच्या तर्फ धुळे जिल्हा रुग्णालय धुळे यांना (7) सात ऑक्सिजन काँसिंटेरेटर 10 लिटर क्षमता असलेले आज रोजी 22/6/2021. सुपूर्त करण्यात आले, या वेळी श्री हेमंत येवले, श्री प्रवीण सोनवणे, श्री दिलीप कुटे, श्री डॉ कमलाकर थोरात , श्री महेंद्र चोधरी, सिव्हिल सर्जन डॉ भडाँगे, व डॉ भामरे मॅडम व डॉ शिंदे व इतर कमचारी उपस्थित होते.

Santosh Mahale Hemant Yeole Mamta Gindodia Rahul Patil Rudhira Rahul Patil
#iahvcovidcare #artoflivingcovidrelief #gurudevsrisriravishankar #vvki #artofliving #aolmaharashtra

9 0

24 #OxygenConcentrators were received by 6 #government #hospitals & #CovidCareCentres in cities- Parshivni, Palladam, Radhanagari, Dharmapuri, Beed, Hosur, Mallapuram, across- Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala Supported


5 0

today we #artofliving Handover #OxygenConcentrators to PHC Goverment Hospitals at #Vaijapur #Aurangabad
#iahvcovidcare #covidresourcesindia

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